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SR Lip Scrubs

SR Lip Scrubs

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Beignets are deep-fried doughnuts covered in powered sugar, which is a famous dessert in New Orleans. It has inspired us to make a Creme Brûlée scent.

This strawberry scent is named Ponchatoula, after the city of Ponchatoula, where the strawberry festival takes place in Louisiana.

The Big Shot is a pineapple scent inspired from the New Orleans local Big Shot soda company.

Hurricane is a watermelon scent inspired after the Hurricane Daiquiri drink.

Garden District is a mango scent, inspired by the calming Garden District neighborhood, which is full of colorful homes amazing scenery and local attractions.

A Snoball is a fun, cold Louisiana dessert made of shaved ice and flavored syrup. This has inspired us to create a cotton candy scent.

The Baby Cakes was a minor league baseball team in New Orleans. This inspired us to create a bubblegum scent.


Directions: Lightly wet lips and apply a small amount of Sweet Rush lip scrub to your lips. Gently massage moving lips in a circular motion for a minute or until desired. Remove the lip scrub with a damp cloth. Follow up with Sweet Rush Lip Balm to capture added moisture.

Ingredients: Sugar,  Natural Wax Jelly, Sunflower Oil, Polyamide-3, Flavored Oil, Vitamin E Oil

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